Friday, July 19, 2013

Non member outfits

Partyanimalzz and I were talking to each other last night, and made some non member outfits! You can use them if you want.. and create your own! We were just messing around being weird :P
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Sorry to crush your dreams anyone, but from now on we can't just go giving away free rare items. If we keep doing that.. all we will have is just storebought items. Plus, we got a comment asking for wood floor and spike. First of all, if we had wood floor- I bet partyanimalzz would have already taken it (which is aloud because she is non member) and spikes are member.

If you would like to know what new rares are in, when they are in.. jam a gram me saying, Rabbits Rock!


  1. There AWASOME. I love those coulars. And you defiantly can't keep on giving free stuff away. Its not fare on you

  2. Sorry for asking for wood floor.
    Little tinyfriend

  3. I usually wear non-member clothes, and my den is a non-member paradise!! Check it out!!

    Cheers, Sriha123

  4. Cool Outfits! Love them, and I have 1 request. Can you make some outfits that are completely store bought in original color?


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