Saturday, October 5, 2013

Neeew Schedule!

Hey everyone, because everyone is always bugging us to post daily- here's our solution!!

Moday- Tip/Trick
Wedensday - Giveaway/ Contest
Thursday - A new poll
Friday - Sharing a tip submitted by somebody


Hahaha. For the contests and giveaways, every other week will be non members only.  So next wedensday we will find the winner for the "Funniest Ban" contest, and start a giveaway (maybe contest) for everyone to enter. On the ones for everyone to enter, there will be a member prize and a non member prize.
I have a buttload of  member stuff I don't need anymore.. so be ready to enter!!

As for weekends, we will just post what our hearts desire! Thanks for reading.

If you want to enter the author contest, send the entries in by .. TODAY!! I think we only have had one so far, but if you want to- you better hurry! P.S. did you guys see the new picture I put up? "Haters gonna hate- gators gonna gate."


  1. Did you guys get my entry? If not, here is the URL:


  2. Nice schedule! I am looking forward to the contests! They are no fun when it's just, " Please comment every day to increase your chance of winning..." Blah, blah, blah. Thanks for the great blog!

    1. lol yeah, we try to keep people awake with our contests XD

      Thank YOU for viewing our blog!! :D

  3. and i also hlep findign the winner. right? i thought of the contest and told party. so im 1 of the judges abnd i get to help decide. and the 2 last bans i like best but there may be funnier ones in the future. So, until then, wolfhead out! Also i mean no offense with the judge part, btu i am since i thougtht of the ban contest...

    1. Yeah, you help find the winner. Do you have an email that we can collaborate and find a winner by contacting? We can delete the comment if you want us to.

    2. you mean blogger email? if yes then its and its ok dotn worry about the comment. thign is though, wheres blogger inbox? if u guys dont wanna tell me, ill make a yahoo email and u will to if u dotn already have one k?

    3. Okay, I emailed it. Just log into Gmail with the same log in for blogger and that'll work ;)

  4. And also, I wont be able to be an author if ur lookign for someone to post everyday, i find it hard to een take care of my own blog so i dotn know about this one... sorry NMM's but il still give the authors sugestions :)
    -wolfhead73601, i like trains! :D

  5. Pupp and party!
    I found a rude comment that said "numnum13 sucks"
    2 Reasons on why it is rude:
    1. That offends numnum13 in a mean way
    2. I think the second word is a sware.


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