Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Read & comment ^^

   Hey everyone! What do you like seeing in a post? I post tips but sometimes it doesn't get many comments such as other posts. I see a lot of comment on "rant" posts, basically raging. (*≧m≦*)

Also... to help boost up the blog...

❤Tell me ideas on what to draw! Although it has to be Animal Jam related and this blog related.
♥Example: Animals helping each other

❤Want me to tell realistic fiction? Well more like realistic non fiction...? Well a story based on Animal Jam but it's completely made up. So.. a story.
♥Example: Lucky Icyivy sat on the plush, cozy ice cream parlor chair. She nibbled on a sprinkled waffle cone and wondered about the trade. She thought in her mind, "This can be a scam!..". The other trader named Scooter Majormoon waited upon for her answer.  "Well are you going to do the trade or not!?" Scooter said angrily.

❤Giveaways?! I will host my own giveaways to give to non members! <3
I logged on to aj to check if I can send gifts, forgot I can't so I'll trade you the gift instead.
♥Example: Non rare bow giveaway

Please comment to tell me if you like this ideas!
:dances away: ♬└(★o★)┐ ♪

Something...... [EDITED]

Okay, because we aren't on AJ as much anymore- or at all... WOULD YOU JUST LOVE TO STALK WHAT WE SAY? Come on you know you do.. JUST ADMIT IT. Okay what you are about to see is COMPLETELY REAL! I PROMISE NONE OF THIS WAS PLANNED, we are just talking and amazing things happen!

cause you all needed to know that


Classy pupp!

Okay, so party sends this to me with the message of "this is so us":
and I said, or maybe this is:
Inline image 1
but then i found something even better:
Inline image 1

would you wanna see more of this? COMMENT!

Monday, August 18, 2014



You need to be FUN, not all professional- have you ever seen one of our posts fully professional? Even when I try I can't..

You shouldn't be afraid to say what you WANT TO! If you are against something- SAY IT!

Have a sense of humor, even if it's bad, if you try being funny, you will be!!!!!!!!

we found one entry that caught our eye but they changed their user like 15 times so we don't know who you are... hmm.

Uhh so my life is good aside from AJ. Just had a birthday, it was fun, ermm yeah! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hi, Party here. Most of you are probably happy to see a post on this blog, however you might not be happy to see that this is a rant.  Anywho... here's my rant.

So there's this person, which whom I will refer to as: "P."

P, you probably know who you are.

Anywho, P I currently do not appreciate what your doing.

Your going around and spreading hate, saying that "Non members are the mean ones and members aren't."

I agree partially, non members can be mean, members can be mean. Not all members are mean, some are caring people who are fun loving and amazing.

However over 60% are not so nice. They're rich and snotty, with no respect for others.  And this is where i get upset.

Most non members are grateful for what they get, and they're very nice.

So to conclude this short rant, P I suggest you stop hating, and start caring.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Animal Jam...
fun game right? Well, yes but I have a secret.

I'm pretty sure it's what gave my laptop a virus. Party also has a virus on hers... we don't go on much else. It's really slow, and it makes it worse every time I go on there.
If you have had similar problems such as, pop up ads that DON'T BELONG, software you never downloaded on your comp, or even just reallly slow connection- LET US KNOW! If there are enough people having issues, maybe we can decide it is AJ.

I have gotten it all fixed and all, but my mom won't let me go on animal jam at all anymore so I guess I won't ever be able to come back ;.; Sorry!

I HONESTLY think it was animal jam! I haven't ever gotten anything from fman, or clicked anything bad. *sighs* Oh well. I hope nobody else has these problems~!


P.S. PM me on CS, my user is watermelonyum11

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bathroom Trick!

I feel really bad guys for not posting as much! ;c
It will be worst when I enter 7th grade, I'll be in honors for all my main subjects and in pre-algebra. It's bound to get crazy that year and I'll still want to draw and hopefully be accepted into the art club that my school is providing after school. I won't quit though because I still want to be a part of this blog and at least help when I can... ^^
For today, how about a simple trick? I created this myself obviously and I really like it! <3 Hope you guys do too! :)

My bunny is a bit sad, she doesn't like showers... Either that or she is being realistic with a cloud over her head.. Oh well. X3
I used to use bamboo fences, but apparently Animal Jam took that out for us! So I did a nice replacement, I was about to do picket fence until I remembered the other... ^3^
  • 2 Elephant Shoji Screens 
(150 gems each, "Shop For Your Den" button or Jam Mart Furniture)
  • 1 Rain Cloud
(3 diamonds, in Diamond Shop)
  • 1 Greely's Wardrobe
  • 1 Phantom Pipe 
(both in adventures, http://animaljammerzblog.blogspot.de/p/adventures.html )

Enjoy the tip! <3 ~ Purpleflora
Penguin Listening Dancing To Music