Saturday, October 11, 2014


Here is a clay tutorial- on this cute little cake. You can use air dry clay, but I prefer Sculpey 3 Polymer Clay.

Have suggestions for a new video? I plan on making a new one on Monday so please send in suggestions!!! Just comment below ;) I am going to be doing clay stuff a lot today so .. yeah.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A few of you have been wanting furniture tricks, and while I can't get any- I can show you my old den design. Oh, I just realized it's a halloween one too!

Anyway, Kinyonga made this for me- forever ago

Isn't that pretty? I figured there is a few tricks in there, suck as my living room area and bedroom. I have my little graveyard out front, along with a phantom jail.

I hope this helps some of you out XD

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Looks like it's come to this....

Guys.We aren't softies. I told you we would remove annon comment. So guess what? NO MORE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS. I'm sorry to all of you who didn't abuse the privileges of anonymous comments,but you guys kept saying inappropriate things... so I guess. No more anonymous comments.

Well... unless you can learn to be a mature, proper, and responsible person. No more comments from anonymous users.

No more swearing, being rude, inappropriate, etc.  Or we will ban you from the blog.
Got it?

To all you swears out there! This gif is dedicated to you! Please enjoy! :)

- A irritated partyanimalzz

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We are learning to read!

*Huh that's interesting in the time from me logging on, then to posting this we lost a follower* Baii! I hope you enjoyed following us while it lasted XD

Okay, so turns out- a lot of you CAN'T READ. The rules in the comments state no IMPOSTERING. 
NO SWEARING!!!!!!!!!!

Before commenting, think to yourself:
  • Would I say this to someone in real life, to their face?
  • Would I say this in front of my PARENTS?
  • Would I get in trouble?
  • Will I hurt people?

Okay everyone, Lets sing our ABC's!

Do we need to do it in german?

(I actually forgot how to spell the Z in german so yeah... XD I feel proud I have that memorized)

Okay now we can move on to simple sentences- OH MY GOSH ARE YOU READY?

Pat pet a rat. Pat got rabies. Get rabies shots and don't pet rats. Life lesson

HAHAHAHAHAH Just kidding. But honestly you guys- can you not read? Shoooulddd I tyyypee liiiiiiiikeeeeeee thisssss?
Cause that's annoying. Let's try this for a rule.


If you have been with a while you know that this is true and I will have no mercey and taking them down. If you get an account, I will delete all use of comments! So have fun with that ;)


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Not sure if anyone saw my post... cause it was covered, but I was wondering if you guys would want to see some crafts occasionally on this blog as an extra? Go to my old post for more info...


Okay, so many of us people like to write- and as you know on CS there is a place where they feature art! A bunch of us were thinking that we could do a really awesome idea for WRITING FEATURES! If you like that, go here- comment and vote on the poll!

If it is approved it could change a lot in how people appreciate writing :) I am watermelonyum11 on there if you have any questions or comments- or you can just comment here :D !!!! 

Please note, the idea forum itself is posted by someone else but it was mainly created by me, and others contributed~

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seal Costumes

Hey Jammers!  I have some cool new seal costumes! Just in time for Night of The Phantoms!

 The Silly Sea Monster
1 Dragon hat
1 Moon necklace
 The Hunter
1 Head feather
1 Set of Freedom Bands
The Lazy Lollipop
1 Lollipop Necklace

Hope you enjoyed them!

Crafty Stuff

Hey everyone! I'm happy we are putting everything behind us, and I wanted to ask you some things!

First up, my life has been extreeeemely busy! I am learning German, (Ich heisse pupp1266, und du?) how to play clarinet, I started a new soccer team in august, I'm in like 3 honors classes......... yeah! Speaking of which, I actually should be writing a paper right now but oh well :P Oh and I have 2 pages of math homework O_O you know this post actually helped me to remember haha.

ANYWAAAAAAY back to the real topic,

Because I am not allowed on animal jam, and I quit- I was thinking I could post crafty things and such. Would you want it as a bonus on this blog? I would rather do that than start a new blog because less people would know about it...
I have been super into clay lately XP Would you want some tutorials on that?

All feedback is apreciated, but remember, bad feedback gets bad results.
Penguin Listening Dancing To Music