Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ivy Walls + Rants!!!

Hi! Long time no see huh? Well, I got a trick for you guys, well technically somebody sent it in. But it's sweet!

There are two styles you can use to decorate your door-way.

Style 1: Archway

What you need: 
2x Ivy vines
1x Door way

Style 2: Drapes

                                                               What you need:
                                                                 4x Ivy vines
                                                                1x Door way

                                              Such a nice little trick! :3


I am fed up with aj! They've taken away tables, arm chairs, and bamboo fences! I will not stand for this! They have taken away our rights, and now our items! And for what? Dumb member items. I am sorry but no body wants an ant farm or a farting candle!  I'm quitting soon if Aj doesn't shape up, cause this is just outrageous!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Authors! (AGAIN)

So we have been REALLY busy- want proof? Okay, so... I got braces, my parents are on vacation, we all went camping, my older sister visited, and some family things happened.

Okay so we didn't get many applications and if you applied before, you may want to send a new one (none of yours were bad, we just need fresh stuff)

Here are some of our requirements:
Under 16 years of age
Good Grammar (B- or more in English or reading)
Knows AJ well
Can post at least every week- unless you let us know

To become an author, you MUST complete this quiz along with your entry (BTW send entries to We need full and CORRECT answers. This is about many things.
1. What is a beta?
2. Who's idea was it to start this blog?
3. Where is animal jam headquarters?
4. How much experience do you have on animal jam?
5. How often do you go on AJ?

Okay, next- you will NOT cheat. I can tell a cheater, for example, you started reading the blog 5 days ago and you get it all correct. If you don't know off the top of your head be HONEST, this is another thing we need, honesty!

Send your entries to now with the following. Answers to the quiz, a post, and pictures! Be creative and make it interesting. If everything is plain and black and white- I might not consider you!

Friday, June 20, 2014


Thank you all so much for the kind words yesterday. I want you all to know, we aren't just letting this blog come to an end. We are going to find good TRUSTWORTHY people to carry on. Also note that partyanimalzz hasn't quit yet.

If you want to become an author to this blog, you will NEED a blogger and be able to email (preferably gmail but any works). You also need to show some proof that you can be a good owner to this blog (other blogs, etc.). You must have a heart for non members and making animal jam a better place. You do this not by saying it, but SHOWING IT! To become an author you need to complete random acts of kindness throughout jamaa.
(this is not a requirement but I would prefer if you have donated before or known us a long time)

Becoming an author on this blog is something to take seriously. So you'll need to get your game face on.

We will read EVERYONE'S entries and judge them fairly. Send your entries to you will always communicate with us through this email.You may ask, how do we enter? It's simple- when you become a blogger, you don't usually have a template to make your posts on, so we will let you be creative. If you include everything you need to, it helps your chances. Pictures will also help.

We need an intro about you, don't share personal information, just things like favorite color, etc. It will helps us know you better. Put TIME into this entry and don't just say 
"I'm ___________ and I should be an auther cuz i sent a nm a cool colered gift!"

Ready for this? ... 3....2....1.... ENTER!

OH AND AN EDIT: Yes, my dog died recently and I'm really sad about it so that is another reason I haven't been on/I'm quitting.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Farewell to Pupp

Goodbye, pupp1266. You made a big difference in AJ while you were here. We will all miss you dearly. :(

Bai Guys. :(

Sorry everyone. I'm quitting Animal Jam, and yes, this blog. I can't keep playing just because some people don't want me to go, I need to follow my heart.

People I want to thank:

Cloudswift, as you said yesterday, we have known each other since before this blog was even made! I wish you the best of luck.

Kinyonga, I used to read your blog every day! I would read older posts to help me sleep at night. I hope you are having a good time off of AJ

Pink300220 (I think those are the numbers), you were so much fun to play on animal jam with! I remember you would always come first to our parties :)

Rockytop2, I still remember the day when I saw your post on your blog saying "Look how kind this person was to do this hop for hope!" and it was me. You were such a great friend!
There are MANY more, please don't be offended if I didn't put you on here.

I have been playing this game called Chicken Smoothie a lot lately, my username is watermelonyum11 if you want to PM me.

As Kinyonga and many others have said, animal jam doesn't want to admit that they're website is kinda messed up.. I'm 99% sure that's the case when you call them.
I was once suspended twice in one week for no reason and they couldn't give me an explination. Wow.

Now what you have all been waiting for, everything I own.. because non members can't gift people anymore (yet ANOTHER reason to quit), I don't think I'll give away my stuff. More than half of the population on AJ is hackers and scammers so I will just keep it in case someday I ever decide to come back.

I will be on TODAY, JUNE 19 from 1:30-2:00 animal jam time (mountain daylight time) to say my goodbyes. 

also, all of our fans have been AMAZING, thank you! You guys weren't ever rude (except for the imposter.. you can confess now!)!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Okay so I am not in any way trying to copy partyanimalzz OR wolfez.. but I'm am considering quitting. I am going to be gone half the summer anyway, plus my computer doesn't work for AJ.

You know why? Here's just a few reasons:


I know this blog is all about trying to make non members feel good but honestly AJ isn't much fun when you aren't a member (which I'm not). You can't even have certain words! Like party said, hacking is just a usual thing! Remember way back when, when Aldan was the scamming server? Now they all are!

Remember all this? When AJ WASN'T a website for scamming? The diamond shop was fun at first but now it's just an excuse for more money. I wonder what newer members think about how people tell them it used to be fun...

Well.. I've counted and I will be gone for about 20 days this summer, so almost a month. I may as well quit but I'm not sure yet. 
 Party and I will both be gone all week so there won't be much posting. Wolfez we will all miss you and sorry for not telling you earlier, I've been really busy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fresh ^u^

      I really loved your posts,Wolfez. Even if they were a few, the post would definitely brighten you up! :) Also partyanimalzz, I see the point you mean. School is absolutely getting harder and it seems unnatural for me to play these games. I am not above high school, but people do criticize me for playing these game. Some people are very ungrateful that you and pupp put time into this blog by donating and helping others. As posted on this blog, Gaters gonna gait!

     I am done with school on June 27ths and having finals this week but I wanted to post so there is no more sadness... What makes most people happy? Summer! The warm weather and possibility of going to the pool to soak yourself in and play around! If summer is not your thing, then go to this person's den: iice

     Although I can't do a pool (sorry ;w;), how about a fresh start and plant some crops. My uncle has strawberries planted in his background and his grass is pretty long, I think he does it mostly for the bunnies. His front lawn is all mowed though! CX

*3 Picket Fences
*1 Buttercup Rug
*1 Beehive
*1 Wall Garden
*1 Wheelbarrow
~This gives you an instant small outdoor garden.  For the Beehive, Wall Garden, & Wheelbarrow, you have to earn them in adventures! Don't know where to find them? Here:
~ Want to be extra matchy? Color the Picket Fence yellow to go with the rug! :)
~Hope you liked the blog post and please comment! ^D^
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