Thursday, August 21, 2014


Well... You've probably seen the last drama filled posts.... Well sadly this isn't any less drama-y..

I feel like this whole thing is my fault. I don't know why, I don't know how... I just feel like it is...

I feel like I could have stopped them last night, when I wasn't on... I feel like I could have saved us from this mess...

But I didn't, and I feel like it's my fault.

I want to cry, I want to curl up in a corner and cry. I want to fall into a hole, and stay there and cry... I feel like I've been ran over by a bus... no wait a tank..

I feel like it's me who said all of these things, when I didn't.... I feel like I'm taking the blame... when I'm not...

I just feel like, I played a part in this some how... I feel like this was all me.. When it wasn't....

I want to shut down this blog, so I can never see it again...

But what do you think? I'm putting up a poll...So if you want this blog, vote to keep it... if not... don't..

- A depressed partyanimalzz

The end...

Okay, um hi....
I read some of the comments and posts over these...ummm days? And okay it's just not good...

I'd like to apologize to everyone for PUPP'S and PURPLEFLORA'S actions. It's just to much to take in right now... I just... ugh... Can't believe them at all.

I created this blog, to be a happy, kind, and loving place.... but some people have obviously DISOBEYED my rules. By swearing, yelling, and just fighting. I'm VERY disappointed in both of you. I just can't use words to express my frustration, and disgust. I won't remove you from the blog, I will give you one last chance both of you! If you can stop acting so childish, you are welcome to stay, but if you can't I will delete you from this blog.

Dear purpleflora, swearing was not okay. This is a child's website. I am very disappointed in you. I can not stretch that enough, you need to chill. I am very very very very mad at you. If you even dare to swear again, I will boot you. Do not disappoint me do you understand? I will not tolerate it anymore!!!!! -Partyanimalzz

Dear pupp, I don't care if you are my cousin or a creepy fat man who lives next door. I will not tolerate you bulling people. Do you understand? I know who you are and if you step one more toe out of line... I will get you. I am very disappointed in you, frankly more than flora. You are my cousin, and don't you dare do this again? Do not disappoint me again!

To everyone:
I'm sorry, to everyone... I'm shocked at both of these two individuals, I'm frankly disgusted and horrified at what they've done. I'm afraid I might shut down this blog; permanently. I'm so disappointed... sad, depressed, and just feel like a flop. I want to cry, but I know if I do my sister will make fun of me... I want to scream, I want to run... I just want to get away.... I'm so disappointed.... so upset, so disgusted....

And I just want to say: This might be good-bye... I loved this blog, I cared for this blog, and I supported this blog. I feel like this might just the end... This blog is getting a bad rap, and I don't want to be know as: "Party, the girl who tricked people into thinking she's nice." I am nice, and I try to be!!! I wanted this blog to be a safe place for all... but people, our own authors have gone and trashed it... I feel sick, I feel like curling up into a ball and crying...  I just want to shout, I want somebody to listen. I want you all to know I'm writing this from the bottom of my heart.... I just... ugh...

A stressed, sad, depressed, and devastated Partyanimalzz..

Ps. Pupp and Flora, you both need to write apologies for what you've done, and if you say no... I will boot you faster than you can say: "Flabby pancakes!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Purpleflora... and anyone else...

*sighs* You know? I'm really dissapointed in you. What I saw today was NOT acceptable. And saying "lol haha I was kinda mad" like you did nothing, is not okay!

I've gotten a lot of mean comments over the past few years of doing blogs and stuff, but I think that had to be the worst. Especially because you just dissed the person who HIRED you to be here! Even more that you posted it to everyone to see! This is a childrens site. You could have just just emailed me or something instead of using bad words.

You did hurt my feelings. I was just saying what I thought okay? I don't care if nobody agrees, but seriously. It makes me sad to see people who THINK they are the boss of everything, and decide to break the rules.. when we hired you here we hired you because you were NICE AND KIND TO US- but I guess not.

I know my percentages may not be correct, but PARTY is the one who posted those in the first place! Not putting anything onto her, but you can't blame ME.

See, this is why I quit! Things like THIS happen and it makes everyone upset at everyone. Just wow.


I quit. Mkay?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Read & comment ^^

   Hey everyone! What do you like seeing in a post? I post tips but sometimes it doesn't get many comments such as other posts. I see a lot of comment on "rant" posts, basically raging. (*≧m≦*)

Also... to help boost up the blog...

❤Tell me ideas on what to draw! Although it has to be Animal Jam related and this blog related.
♥Example: Animals helping each other

❤Want me to tell realistic fiction? Well more like realistic non fiction...? Well a story based on Animal Jam but it's completely made up. So.. a story.
♥Example: Lucky Icyivy sat on the plush, cozy ice cream parlor chair. She nibbled on a sprinkled waffle cone and wondered about the trade. She thought in her mind, "This can be a scam!..". The other trader named Scooter Majormoon waited upon for her answer.  "Well are you going to do the trade or not!?" Scooter said angrily.

❤Giveaways?! I will host my own giveaways to give to non members! <3
I logged on to aj to check if I can send gifts, forgot I can't so I'll trade you the gift instead.
♥Example: Non rare bow giveaway

Please comment to tell me if you like this ideas!
:dances away: ♬└(★o★)┐ ♪

Something...... [EDITED]

Okay, because we aren't on AJ as much anymore- or at all... WOULD YOU JUST LOVE TO STALK WHAT WE SAY? Come on you know you do.. JUST ADMIT IT. Okay what you are about to see is COMPLETELY REAL! I PROMISE NONE OF THIS WAS PLANNED, we are just talking and amazing things happen!

cause you all needed to know that


Classy pupp!

Okay, so party sends this to me with the message of "this is so us":
and I said, or maybe this is:
Inline image 1
but then i found something even better:
Inline image 1

would you wanna see more of this? COMMENT!

Monday, August 18, 2014



You need to be FUN, not all professional- have you ever seen one of our posts fully professional? Even when I try I can't..

You shouldn't be afraid to say what you WANT TO! If you are against something- SAY IT!

Have a sense of humor, even if it's bad, if you try being funny, you will be!!!!!!!!

we found one entry that caught our eye but they changed their user like 15 times so we don't know who you are... hmm.

Uhh so my life is good aside from AJ. Just had a birthday, it was fun, ermm yeah! 
Penguin Listening Dancing To Music