Friday, July 25, 2014

Bathroom Trick!

I feel really bad guys for not posting as much! ;c
It will be worst when I enter 7th grade, I'll be in honors for all my main subjects and in pre-algebra. It's bound to get crazy that year and I'll still want to draw and hopefully be accepted into the art club that my school is providing after school. I won't quit though because I still want to be a part of this blog and at least help when I can... ^^
For today, how about a simple trick? I created this myself obviously and I really like it! <3 Hope you guys do too! :)

My bunny is a bit sad, she doesn't like showers... Either that or she is being realistic with a cloud over her head.. Oh well. X3
I used to use bamboo fences, but apparently Animal Jam took that out for us! So I did a nice replacement, I was about to do picket fence until I remembered the other... ^3^
  • 2 Elephant Shoji Screens 
(150 gems each, "Shop For Your Den" button or Jam Mart Furniture)
  • 1 Rain Cloud
(3 diamonds, in Diamond Shop)
  • 1 Greely's Wardrobe
  • 1 Phantom Pipe 
(both in adventures, )

Enjoy the tip! <3 ~ Purpleflora
Penguin Listening Dancing To Music