Thursday, March 14, 2013

A story

Today I helped out a non member. They asked. "What does it mean to join the club?" So I told them about memberships and all of that, then they asked where you buy them. The answer to that is Smiths, Target, and Walmart. At least those are the only ones I know about. Anyways, I felt happy that I helped because now that person might get membership! If you can't get it.. just keep playing animal jam and wishing that someday you can. But for now, have fun on here!

Point of this post, help non members with questions!


  1. You can buy memberships at/on:
    -Toys R Us
    -Best Buy
    - Animal Jam Outfitters
    -On AnimalJam.Com

    1. We went to toys r us to buy it one time and they didn't have them. That's why I didn't put that one. Same with Best Buy...

  2. basically the moral of this story is help people with questions

  3. There is a chance you're qualified to receive a $500 Walmart Gift Card.


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