Sunday, March 3, 2013

Changing modes

This is a post for members-going to non-members. It is EXTREMELY hard to go from member to non. But here are some simple steps on how to get over it:

#1 Before you go non member, SET UP A DEN me and my sister did this when we went non member, and it helps a lot! Just buy some colored items that are non member and make a rockin' den!

#2 A few days before try to start deciding which animals you are taking. Remember you only get two. This helps because then you are prepared.

#3 Just try to not think about it. If you have a blog, don't quit blogging until you get a membership! It is much easier to just ignore the fact. I have seen MANY blogs where they quit cause their membership was gone, and I think it is just sad

These 3 simple facts could save you from days of being sad on animal jam. Just remember to check when your membership ends and try to get used to it, make a den, and decide your animals!


  1. I'm currently a member, but I'll be losing my membership fairly soon. I already set up a non member den that I edit daily :3 Although I edit all my dens daily :P These tips are all really great!


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