Saturday, April 13, 2013

AJNM Poem contest

Hiya jammerz we have a new contest for non members, A poem contest! All ya have to do is write a short poem about Non members. It can be any type of poem Hiku, and don't care just use creativity!

And If you win you get this exclusive all non member item, a pink tiger plushie, and a blue tiger plushie, along with a black couch. Ok so you may be wondering why the heck would I care about that? Well, A. those plushies are rare plushies, B. It is an exact replica of my own couch in my den. And C. The couch is colored.  

Here's the prize --->


  1. Non Members
    are as equal
    as the Members all around
    But if you don't care
    About the clothes, items, and rares
    Then all Nons will be found.

  2. Nonmembers are cool,
    No matter what some say,
    Its not about the looks or status,
    Its not about what we own,
    Its about the way we are.

    My user is sirhappyviking.

    1. Wow! These are all so great it's going to be hard to choose a winner!!

  3. Thanks for the buddy partyanimalzz

  4. When are you gonna announce the winner of your first den contest and this one!

  5. I was gonna enter, but I'm member and it just didn't feel right to enter a contest made with a prize to help nonmembers. So I'm donating to the nonmember shop. BTW It's Gerbildog.

  6. Nonmembers
    Not so boring
    Members rock too
    Every nonmember is cool
    Members are cool too
    But nonmembers rock
    Every jammer


  7. Nonmembers, Nonmembers
    Are as equal as members
    Nonmems Nonmems
    Hopefully will be happy
    As everyone playing on AJ
    And hopefully
    Nobody quits!
    P.S. Im member but its true, nonmembers are totally equal. And you should also have a poll that says, Do you think nonmembers are equal? and i would pick: Heck Yea!

    1. and btw where can i donate some rares to the NM shop? i wanna donate a green gecko plush!

    2. You either send or trade em' to pupp1266, or lilyf123456. You used tto be able to send em' to me but I'm becoming NM lie today so yeah...

    3. cool thx i already did! and btw ill get some more donations for it! this time im sending the donations to you!(pupp too, who i added today)

  8. Why aj needs nonmembers
    If aj dosent have NM's,
    the game wont feel like a piece
    of cake
    it will feel like
    a deserted lake
    so members,
    help your best
    to help the rest!

    Sometimes members are picky
    and theyre tricky
    to get to donate
    so members,
    take less breaks
    and help us make
    aj fair
    for members and

  9. nonmembers nonmembers are really slick but to be honest were equal now dont be thick even know members get a privalege on what they can do they can do stuff and nonmembers can too in a way were diffrient because nonmembers have none but itd be members if none was gone nonemembers and members we all deserve respect as one together we are all perfect

  10. I know the contest is over by now, but imma submit mine too.
    Eagles soar, lions roar, non members deserve more!
    members get, non members earn, more is what non members deserve!
    ajhq, on this day, I swear memberships are going to waste!
    non members are treated badly, members turning into bullies,
    what has this come to?

    my username is the same as here. harmwilly67 is my member, but my fave nm u=account is harmwilly100


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NO RUDENESS! We will not tolerate it.
NO IMPOSTERING. This is a serious matter!!

Thanks :P

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