Monday, April 22, 2013

Great greenhouse

Hiya jammers! Ready for an AMAZING trick created by the ONE THE ONLY maximumride03! A fellow non member of jamaa, just look below and stare in awe at this beatiful greenhouse. All you need is some bamboo fences and some plants to make this greenhouse.  If you can't find the plants you can buy them at the plant shop in serpia!
Once Again what you need is:
Some bamboo fences (depiending how big you want it)
3-6 plants or more.


  1. hi im Dilara60! i wanted to point out how i went to her den and i saw that really cool stair thing at the front that she did with the tables! it looked really cool :)

  2. its beautiful!


  3. Maybe you should add a greenhouse window and make it a little bigger..... That's what i'm doing with my greenhouse! I collect flowers on animal jam, you could call me a florist, I don't care, and anyway, just giving some pointers.


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