Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Awesome art for a change

I created this art! If you want one, email the picture you want created to pupp1266dogs@gmail.com and tell me the word choice you want out of the ones on the photo booth! Here's the catch, it all ties up to the non-member movement!! For members the cost is 2 non-member colored items and a non-member rare. Sorry if it's expensive..  non-members can pay any item of their choice to me pupp1266. Everything that is payed (unless its member) will be donated to the non-member store! I hop that you guys like the idea. If you can't email the requests, let me know how to get the picture, such as you posted it on your blog!!


  1. WELCOME TO MY BAD SIDE, YOUR ABOUT TO REGRET COMMENTING THAT BUB!! NOW, Sure anyone can make that but it's not like YOU'RE any smarter you don't even know where to put periods in a sentence. (Dumb Face) and you can't spell out her user, what a sad excuse you make for a blog viewer. Also you need to work on some language it would be you're (You are) no your, everyone who is actually intelligent knows that. Also it's for the non member movement. Non members all over Jamaa are just hoping for some nice member to come along and give them a beautiful colored item. Yes, it is true anyone can make that.. but hey it's nice when someone donates. So if I were you I'd SHUT YOUR LITTLE SAD EXCUSE FOR A MOUTH. I Don't want anymore lip understand? Sheesh people like you with no intelligence what so every makes me annoyed. Ps. Not everyone could do that 5 year old probably couldn't either that or a 2 year old.

  2. Well I can't email u at gmail, so ill comment it. I want the title to either say: Wild animal! Or I like trains! So ill I've a snowman family and two colored cups.kay? Oh and I want the animal to be my wolf Nd the background to be the lost temple of zips one (LTOZ) thx ill send the items. All three item jamagrams will say: waffles

    1. Wait actually not lost temple of zips, I meant any colored background with me trying to fight off phantoms :p if u can't do that then just put any background with a trains set.,.


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