Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today in te diamond shop, I saw a jammer yelling "This place should only be for members!"
"I hate non members they stink!" I was like o-o "You were once an nm dumbbell!" After that another member snow leopard stood up for you guys by saying "Thats not fair be more nice to nms! they help make animal jam, animal jam!" :D Anyways if you want to report ms. rude for saying you stink heres the user.

It's penguinsrock89! How dare she love penguins!!!


  1. The diamond shop is member only because it replaced Monthly Member Gifts.

    1. WE KNOW THAT! This wasn't a post even about that really, we were trying to defend non-members

    2. hey yilli, were not stupid......

  2. hence, non members can still buy gems! and i wish there was at least a monthly member gift AND a monthly non member gift!! and i really wish nms can accept gifts!! and speaking of people makin fun of poor nms, i saw this person packed with rares and she said, "NON MEMBERS ARE JUST ANNOYING LITTLE BUGS THAT SPAM UP ANIMAL JAM! THEY ARE UNRARE AND DUPID!" and i think dupid meant stupid. i told her "you where once a nm you little veggie!"

  3. That's actually very rude of that person to say such things. I love non-members, and I think they should have just as many rights as members do, or at least accept gifts. And does it matter if someone is rare or not? Not all non-members are rare, and not all members are rare! BUT THAT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER! I have tons of non member friends who are the most amazing friends ever.

  4. members may have more benefits than nms but it doesnt mean you have to be mean to them aj is supposed to be a fun game not for bullies i saw a nm packed with rares and there was this member begging him to be her friend and then i asked her to buddy me and she just reject me but when i was a member with rares she begged me to be her buddy o-o i told her you rejected me when i was a nm and the she started appologizing me like 'sorry im really really sorry i was... blah blah blah

  5. I was at someone's store on AJ and I was sitting by a plushie to let the owner know that I wanted this and then this member fox tells me to back off just cuz I'm a non-member. She acts as if she is the boss of me. She says "BACK OFF NON MEMBER!" So I just say "Just because I am a non member it doesn't mean that I have less rights than you", and then she left.

  6. haha, just found her player card, shes a nm! she cant say we suck anymore!


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