Friday, June 21, 2013

If you have a store for the NM movement read below!!

Alright everybody we have some other rules too! (Some of you may be going "Ugh MORE RULES!?!?" Rules are not bad, rules just keep things in check. Anyways... I understand some people want to make stores for our movement. That's great just please follow these rules, though.

Rule 1# Please leave your den unlocked, so our Non Member viewers may come and view your store.
Rule 2# Please buddy the blog authors, so we can contact you easily without having to search you up.
Rule 3# Please comment on the "NM Stores" page saying the user of your store, and if you do have a type please list that as well. (Type means: Rare, or just couches or purple)    

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NO SWEARING. Not even with the ***s
NO RUDENESS! We will not tolerate it.
NO IMPOSTERING. This is a serious matter!!

Thanks :P

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