Monday, June 24, 2013

What do you think?

Hiya! Partyanimalzz here with some of the latest newz! Pupp1266, and I have came up with an outstanding Idea and we need to know what you think. We're making a brand spanking new blog. That has NM den Ideas! We'll have Ideas, pictures of epic NM dens, and a Design-a-den. Where we design a den using pictures and simple pasting skills on paint. The way you want... So if you don't like the den design in a den then you don't have to spend the gems and be desipointed. (So basically you comment saying you're Idea and color scheme if you have one.) Then we make it post it you look it over and if you don't like you don't spend gems to buy those items.    So now to the main point.. Please vote on our blog if you think this is an awesome Idea! (Or a lame one.) -partyanimalzz & pupp1266  


  1. an AWESOME idea! i think you should do it soon!
    P.S. Did i join the blog? i comment alot!

  2. LOVE the idea you should do it! It would make a lot of non members ( and a few member) happier.

    1. Oh I forgot to mention this in my comment can I mention this blog on my blog? Just checking!

    2. Ya sure we're open to anyone who wants to advertise a little! -partyanimalzz

  3. If you still want to join, do you still get a prize?


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