Saturday, June 1, 2013

Winner is....

The winner is............

With 170 total donations in the month of May!

 Here are the rest of the statuses:

IN THE LEAD:Cloudswift-170


Ilovemyfamily153666 ran a great race, always competing! We want to thank EVERYONE who donated, so thank you!! We are glad to now have 3 different stores (epicnonmem, nonmemberforever, and nonmemberstore)!!  I never thought that we would get so many donations in a short 31 days.

(Also please don't send any bamboo right now :3 cloudswift sent about 13!)

Donation Rules: (as requested by yllil254)
Okay, so we have some complaints that the items are really cheap that are getting donated! So to solve that problem,  please do not send more than one item under 200 gems! We LOVE getting donations, but to many of one thing really gets old. For example, we kept getting necklaces, which was getting a bit annoying. NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE WHO HAS SENT THOSE ITEMS!


  1. but............ sighs.... my power went out when I was sending you donations! a bad horrible storm came and made my power go out for all night long! :'( im sorry pup.... but in a way..... I don't think that was fair............... I didn't make this comment to be rude. I just... thought it wasn't fair because cloudswift was sending stuff to win when my power was out at mt house... I had to go down to my grandparents house and only cable and internet was out.. and my street flooded cuz it lasted 6 hours! it slowed... it was in Oklahoma...... im sorry pup.... but I just don't really like the fact tht te power went out... and I am not liying. if you watched the news last night, then...... there were some pretty bad storms there......... then it headed towards Indiana... and that's where I am and it hit badly and my power went out.. had to drive through that storm to my grandparents house.... im sorry this is a long comment but its not fair for me in a way..

  2. I am so happy for the animal jam non member! Try to look back to when we started, we really have made a great improvement! I have never seen such a big commitment to helping others being treated fairly! I think that we should hold a celebration to those who were so generous to donate and spend gems to those who can't afford a membership.

  3. Hey! I don't think that rule is completely fair, we don't make decisions unless written consent from all authors meaning Me, you, and lilyf123456. I think the rule should be it must be colored. Cause what if people are low on gems? I understand I was gone for 3 days with out technology due to A VIRUS but I should be able to decide to!!!>BU -A very infuriated partyanimalzz

  4. I think the glitch got the Items I sent. I sent a couple of garden plots, tomatoes, And some of the new beta vases. :/


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