Sunday, February 9, 2014

Counter Trick + New Poll + News

Hey NMM's  I found a really cool trick for y'all today. It's a counter! Just look at this cute trick!
                        Really nice huh? Here's what you'll need: 

                      3x Shelves
                      4x Diner stools
                      4x Tea cups
                      4x Bowls
               Now you can made a little diner! So cute :)


Guys we need you tricks! Furniture or clothing send us in your tricks! Or just comment right here on the blog and tell us where we can see them!

Your trick could be here!!


There is a new poll on the side of the blog. Which trick feature should we show next? Check it out guys! It's great to hear from our amazing viewers!!


  1. So we can send in tricks? Can we use NM underwater dens, too?

  2. I got a good one, Its about a spaceship. I commented it on teh Furniture Tricks Page

  3. fuzzheadlola (or is it) dun-dun-dun!!February 10, 2014 at 2:05 PM

    den tip:
    use rose garland on walls and it looks like wall paper!

    1. wow!that trick is perfect 4 valentines!!!

  4. I did that to my den a few days ago. I sent it as a tip to party and pupp.

  5. Hi Party. Did U receive my Jam-a-grams? As I was Explaining, I used only NM items: NM Sword, Rare Friendship Bracelet (NM), NM Freedom Helmet, and a Blue Jamaaliday Scarf. I called it the Maltese tiger Fighting for its Specie cause an Critically Endangered Specie fighting for it not to get extinct, like a NM fighting for its freedom against memberness. Hope you like it. I will keep it until you send me a Jam-a-Gram saying U saw it.

    1. they do only use nm items!

  6. hey pupp, I sent you a message on gmail with some info of my new clothing outlet (I just made it so its not much yet O.O)\-wolfhead73601 who decided to go on blogger

  7. I think you should a den design using these:
    1 nm couch
    1 nm rug
    and some nm bunny rugs to look like stickers on a wall
    (party or pupp if u would like to see this stop by my den when ur on ill keep it on my nm one)

    1. u could also add a nm bookshelf if u want


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