Thursday, July 16, 2015

Just got back from vacation...

Well, it looks like everyone's pretty excited about our little posts! I've been on vacation so I haven't really seen whats going on with AJNM. But it looks good!

Anyway, I was reading through my emails when I came across a Blogger Contact Form.

Now a the blogger contact form is a way for viewers to contact us anonymously and privately and we answer questions, deal with problems, take suggestions etc.

Well I got this one.
Very rude! But why do rares matter?  Rares are just pixles, nothing more. Of course rares of course obviously require a lot of coding but so does everything else on the internet. They're no different then the font I'm typing in.

Also non members aren't dumb. Non members are regular people just like you and me, they are no different. Non members and members are not an entirely different species everyone acts like they are but they aren't. We are all human.

I'd just like to say to whoever wrote this, please reconsider. Also this is not a polite thing to say to people, it's actually rude and hurtful. Of course I can't change your opinion but please if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.



  1. They called non-members dumb, but they spelled "none" wrong in the email address.

  2. Hey Party I love your blog but I am on my phone... I will vote when I get home. (*^▽^*)

  3. this email has made me lose my hope in humanity

  4. This girl is the biggest noob I have ever seen. AJ has lost hope on her.
    Typically, yeah, she started as a member, but the NMs are the ones who got AJHQ enough money to buy the "membership" feature! Anyways, I bet beta days are full of members if she says this again. T_T

  5. Yeah and plus stupid membre dude who sent That email, well when ur done with animal jam member, ull be saying all those mean things about urself. Pls nm rule, to tell u the truth members r just rich rats who think that they r superior over ppl cause they r bigger and have more stuff than us. Well guess doesn't matter about the outside but the inside.

    -a not happy jammer

    1. That is a bit rude. Not all members are rude spoiled rats. I agree, some are. Please don't discriminate all members, though. It is incredibly rude.


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