Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Break- Possibly?

I'm thinking about taking a break from aj for a bit..

I have health homework, math, language, reading, music, and yeah... so I don't think I will be on a lot anymore. Also, when I started to write pupp1266 on my paper as my name, I KNEW there was a problem. I obviously need to play a *little* less.

Here's a nm tip, I might as well post one along with my boring posts as I hear they are..

So nm's, I'm sorry to say.. but aj is just getting less fair by the days. Helpful tip- do NOT get membership, it sucks you in, you feel too left out after it ends. But if you STAY a nm, you get used to in and are able to cope with being a non member. Trust me- I learned this one the hard way.

Okay guys- it's up to you- do you want me gone for a while, or should I stay? I'll put a poll up and if you have different feelings please comment. TELL THE TRUTH. I will NOT tolerate liers.

P.S. yes I realize the August donation status is still up, I don't have time to count right now and the only person I'm letting on my account is partyanimalzz so don't even THINK about it.


  1. You should post when you can manage, but don't feel obliged to post too often. :)

    Other people can deal with it.


    "Other people" should really try and survive middle school before they criticize you for not posting. :)

    1. When I say should, I mean, if you feel like posting.

      I won't :)
      Only post when you feels in the mood.
      / \
      (My opinion/advice)

  2. Don't feel pressured. You are awesomely nice, you deserve a break if you need it. Lol about your name! Thanks for the tip about membership, but do you think it's OK to be a member for a little, color items, accessorize pets and do all those things that only members can do but all can have, then go back to being an NM? I hope this is reasonable, but maybe you are right...

  3. I agree with numnum13. Don't feel pressured. Post whenever you feel like it. If you really need a break, you should do it. The way things are right now, well I guess I know what you mean about membership. I'm a non-member, so I don't really know how it's like being a member. I feel like all everything people care about these days are rares. A quick message to everyone: Animal Jam is about friendship and feeling that you belong. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE RARES.

    1. I agree to you larksong12. I believe the same thing. its not about rares, popularity, betas, or coolness. its about friendship, trading, having fun, kindness, and playing wild.

  4. Ermm... Should you take a break? Well, I think that everyone's main priority this year is to get through school, and if AJ is not letting that happen, then is suppose it's time to take a break. It's just what you feel.

  5. wolfgirl8777 herew
    pupp plz don't take a break
    play on the weekends im in 4 honer classes so i just get on on weekends im abussed with it to but plz pupp dont


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