Sunday, September 21, 2014

Crafty Stuff

Hey everyone! I'm happy we are putting everything behind us, and I wanted to ask you some things!

First up, my life has been extreeeemely busy! I am learning German, (Ich heisse pupp1266, und du?) how to play clarinet, I started a new soccer team in august, I'm in like 3 honors classes......... yeah! Speaking of which, I actually should be writing a paper right now but oh well :P Oh and I have 2 pages of math homework O_O you know this post actually helped me to remember haha.

ANYWAAAAAAY back to the real topic,

Because I am not allowed on animal jam, and I quit- I was thinking I could post crafty things and such. Would you want it as a bonus on this blog? I would rather do that than start a new blog because less people would know about it...
I have been super into clay lately XP Would you want some tutorials on that?

All feedback is apreciated, but remember, bad feedback gets bad results.


  1. Animal Jam Clay stuff :-) YESH

    1. Not necessarily aj stuff (although that is fully possible), I like making foods ;P

      Any suggestions, if I did make AJ stuff?

    2. You make sculptures of what the animals look like when first bought, like their default positions, or maybe the alpha's.

  2. Hallo! Ich heisse Cloudswift!

    German was my first language o3o

    1. Cool! Let's see if I remember..

      Woher kommst du? Ich komme aus USA

      is that right?

  3. Yay I love crafts. I once thought of making a blog for crafts myself, but my own AJ blog goes not updated.


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