Friday, September 5, 2014


First, party it wasn't your fault.
We have agreed in real life who it was so we don't have to discuss that part anymore..

Anywaaaaaaaaaay. Purpleflora has apologized to me, (I don't forgive her for what she said, although I"m glad she apologized) but not yet to party.

Purplefloraaaaaaaaa, this was HER blog, and she is very dissapointed (I can't spell) in the both of us about what happened. She saw what happened, as it happened!
I emailed you to say sorry... have you just not checked? I was sure you did after an entire week .-. or more


  1. I just hope this blog is not deleted

  2. Lets hope this is forgiven and forgotten... -AppleBlaze

  3. You guys have probably forgotten about me but i just wanted to express my opinion about something and i hope you guys are not offended. First let me say that even though I rarely comment I still read almost every post on this blog. When I first started looking at this blog a year ago, everyone was nice and happy and it was a place to support non members who were unable to get a membership, now it seems like a place where people rant, complain, and fight. What you guys need to do is figure this out. I like this blog and I don't want it to shut down, it's not my choice though. I just want to say that if you are shutting down the blog this is not the way you guys should go down, I understand if your too old to play and that's understandable but seriously Cussing, ranting, feeling bad. I'm sorry if this offended you in any way. ~Hershey87

    1. I agree completely. This movement has done so much for me and my friends, and now you're shutting down?!

    2. And in case you haven't noticed, followers has it 100.


    3. I completely agree too. Pup, party, when I first met you guys and you made the blog, I saw the very first post. I thought to myself, hey! This might be a great blog! And it was. Until now... I'm sorry, but like Hershey, I'm expressing my opinion too. This blog is now about ranting, cussing, cursing, and other stuff.. I'm sorry to say this, but I am leaving this blog. Because of the things going on, pup, party, contact me on AJ when it's alright to come back on.. IF its alright.. I'm sorry, but this is my only choice. Goodbye.

  4. Keep on keeping on... being all that fuzzy... :(


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