Monday, July 15, 2013

Contest Update

Hi, Okay Everyone.. I've made a small change to the contest thing, We are still doing the pohtot contest but we are doing triva to! For those who can't or don't want to enter the Photo Contest! Anyways, if you want to enter the photo contest please send all photos to, Here are the topics for the contest,  

                                                             Topics for Photo Contest
                                            Animals/Little bits of nature (like leafs)
                                                     Things (like Stuff in Daily life)

Okay, Now if you want to enter the Trivia Contest Read these questions then write the answers in a comment. NOW FOR THE QUESTIONS.....

       1# True or False: Can an Owl Move It's Eyes?
        2# Where do the heaviest and tallest Trees in the World grow?
         3#  How do pupp and party know each other?
     4# Is a Mountain Lion really A cougar?
        5# Which insect has scales? 
         6# What four words (in the English Language) do not rhyme with anything?
       7# What animal was thought to be a "Mermaid"
      8# True Or False is an Owl's Body really robin sized?
           9# What tiger is blue?
                10# What is Anime?   




  1. 1 False
    2 North Cali and South Oregon.
    3 Real life
    4 Yes
    5 Scale Insect
    6: Month, orange silver, purple
    7: Sea manatee
    8,True in some species
    9 Maltese
    10 Japinese Animation.

  2. 1. False
    2. Redwoods national park
    3. You are cousins!
    4. Yep
    5. I don't know, a pill bug, or maybe a centipede?
    6. Orange and the rest not sure.
    7. Dugong or manatee?
    8. In some owls yes
    9. Maltese tiger (superrare, though to be extinct)
    10. Not sure.

    P.s. I gave u the idea of the Maltese tiger at school did I?

  3. 1# false
    2# Amazon Rainforest ?
    3# You are the best of friends in real life :)
    4# Yes
    5# I do not know... Millipede?
    6# orange, month, silver, and purple?
    7# Manatees?
    8# Yes sometimes, often in Elf Owls.
    9# Maltese Tiger
    10# Animated cartoons from the style of drawing known as manga (but some people call it just anime)

  4. Can you enter in both? Oh and hide the comments.

  5. 1: False
    2: Honestly i have no idea
    3: Your cousins
    4: Yup
    5: Scale insect (oviously)
    6: computer, month, pillow, scooter
    7: Manatee
    8: Some owls
    9: Maltese Tigers
    10: japanese animation
    P.S. The reason i dont knwo number 2 is cause i couldnt find a book with that answer :(

  6. 1# False

    2#west coast of America

    3# your both cousins


    5#dragon fly???

    6# month, orange ,silver and purple

    7# manatee!

    8# Only in some species

    9# maltese (is that how you spell it??)

    10#Japanese animation

    Good Luck Everyone

  7. How to hide the comments: Click always

  8. AJpaleggs
    1. False
    2. U.S.A. coast/california
    3. You're real life cousins.
    4. Yes! Puma Concolor :3
    5. Scale Insects (the real name of the insect is that)
    6. Purple, month, silver, and orange (there's others, but those are the most common. For example, there's scalp.)
    7. Manatee, I saw it on how I met your mother, there was an episode about ugly woman being manatees and woman you like being mermaids.
    8. Only a few types of owls are, others are larger.
    9. The maltese tiger, also known as the blue tiger alone.
    8. A famous form of japanese animation. Also known as manga characters i think.. my friend calls them mangas and at first i had know idea what she meant .3.

  9. DONT copy, okay? :3 Please be fair everyone!


    1. IMPOSTER!!!


  10. That comment above mine is NOOOT Me, I dn't want people coping, I trust alll of you viwers you'll be honest and not cheat, And who knows if you do copy you might get it WRONG..

  11. 1# True or False: Can an Owl Move It's Eyes? False
    2# Where do the heaviest and tallest Trees in the World grow? Amazon rainforest
    3# How do pupp and party know each other? There real life friends?
    4# Is a Mountain Lion really A cougar? Yes
    5# Which insect has scales? Wood louce
    6# What four words (in the English Language) do not rhyme with anything? arthur orange tangerine oranutan?
    7# What animal was thought to be a "Mermaid"elephant seal
    8# True Or False is an Owl's Body really robin sized?depends what breed
    9# What tiger is blue? none exist
    10# What is Anime? Beats me

  12. 1. No, is this true or false? Cause, it’s in a question.
    2. North America, you never said how specific.
    3. They know each other on AJ, on their blogs, and in real life. Say the whole names, please.
    4. Yes, you capitalized some letters.
    5. Scale Insects
    6. Silver, purple, orange (sporange), and month. You mean common words. I read a bunch of words I had no idea of.
    7. A manatee
    8. It depends on the species. Again.
    9. A Maltese Tiger is blue.
    10. Manga (not really appropriate). It’s animated Japanese cartoon.
    P. S. Please make this professional with no (or few) typos and proper grammar. It would be a much popular site with these small changes. (not trying to be offensive, just trying to spice up the blog)
    Here is the website for my pictures. I don’t have email so get them from here.

    1. What do you mean you read a bunch of words?

      and.. don't tell us how to run our blog. It was simple typo- deal with it. Just so you know, we are VERY smart.

    2. Typos smipos, no one else seems to care except for you. Mrs. Perfection, people like this site no matter what, typos or not they like it for what it is. Good heavens perfectionist. This is not a final report to like submit into your teacher, and get graded this is a blog even though it's for the public they can still read it; it's not unreadable ya know. So just deal with it the world is not gonna end because of like 5 typos.

    3. I JUST WANTED TO HELP!!! And I never said that it had to be PERFECT. I just wanted to help make it a LITTLE better. You guys were mean to me twice in a row. You really hurt my feelings... *cries*

    4. I don't like people telling me what to do. Plus some of the questions you didn't even answer you just corrected us.


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