Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Non Member Day!


Okay, so on November first... we will ALL care about non members no matter what they say. Put away all your fancy dens, make a non member one and wear only non member clothing. This isn't a demand, but it would really help us make a difference. Help at least one non member, such as trading them colored items for a plain item.
Have a good day :D
P.S. Birthday tomorrow- should I have a party? Also, 4 more followers!


  1. Duh! :3 When is party's birthday? Plus I was thinking we can do a shout-out on the blog for each followers birthday like for example: animetacos birthday is on dec 1 on dec 1 on the top of the screen you say happy birthday.

    1. Partyanimalzz's birthday is on November 20th.

    2. my day is august 19th :)
      -wolfhead73601, i follow this blog as Wolfhead AJ

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS U SHALL HAZ A PARTYYYYYYYY btw im singned out of my blogger acc right now, im not imposterign wolfhead73601 cuz i am wolfhead73601.
    -wolfhead73601 (not impostering myself)

  3. I'm so doing this :) and my birthday is in 9 days! Haha! Happy early birthday! And you should do a party! - snowyclaw25381

  4. hi wolfgirl8777 here i will parcippate in nm day and yes you should have a party.

  5. Hi! magicpenguin112 is participating in non member day. I think everyone who participates should be a non member animal also.

  6. yesh ill be my nm wolf on a new acc kay? its simillar to my main acc but if u see an AJ user called wolfhead736, its not an imposter, its really me so dont go aroudn saying that acc is impostering me :P so yah


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