Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Story: The Creation of the Animal Jam Non Member

One Day I (partyanimalzz) was busy talking to pupp on side chat. I had been a non member for 2 years and had recently gotten membership. I when I was Nm Wanted to make my den Halloween themed. I needed and wanted colored couches, I asked my friend (Nafaria9) And she gave me  2 black couches. Then After that I started asking around to jammers, most of em' said: "NMs don't need colored items," Or "that's not a good trade," Then they'd talk to their friends and say "She offered me a regular blue couch for it, what would Nms know? They don't understand how hard it is being member." I was sad, and I knew many other nms jammers had it harder than I did, but I had some hope that I'd get membership. Now back to when I got membership... I remember how I felt then, and I wanted no one to feel like that again. I told pupp about my Idea and that I wanted to make a blog about it. I asked her if she wanted to partner with me. She said: "Yeah! That's sounds Awesome Non Members will Love it!" And thus it was created. And in 3 months time we were a HUGE hit! But it was only pupp1266 who was getting any fame, (No offense) I wasn't getting any credit what so ever. Then when I turned Nm people ignored me even more. But I hope this now people will notice me more, and will notice NMS more. One time a member had turned Nm and was ignored by all their friends who were Member, Eventually she got membership again and was happy again. And that's the simple version of the creation.    And you have your own opinon about how I and pupp help about the blog, and I have mine.  


  1. i joined animal jam in 2011, but dint know about the blog until 2013. if i knew about ti earlier, i would give so many coilored coouches to you that ur inventory woudl be full (i got membership in 2011 also) anyways, now thsat ru nm again, maybe you would get your membership renewed? sounds liek a good idea, right?
    P.S. Sorry abotu bragging about the fact that i hoined and got membership in 2011 >.<

    1. wolofhead73601,I searched you on animal-jam and couldn't find you. Also is being nm bad,the way you say it seems:now thsat ru nm again, maybe you would get your membership renewed. sounds liek a good idea, right?
      ~Bad spelling
      ~Bad grammar
      ~Bad idea

    2. those were typos, i type fast so i might not notice the mistakes until the comment is puplished. dotn judge me -.- and how is getting ur membership renewed a bad idea? it depends if she WANTS to get her membership renewed. she xdoesng HAVE to. anyways can u plz just not criticise me, becuause i happen to notlike it. if u dont liek me then keep it toyourself -.- i dont creif u dotnliek me because oviously nto everyone on AJ woudl liek me ok? but u still dont have to blurt it out on a blog.
      -wolfhead73601, sorry for those typos
      P.S. now that you know that, would u plzjust LEAVE MEALONE? thank u.

  2. My parents don't like me to get membership, They say I spend to much time on the computer anyways. I got my membership from Christmas, from pupp. And I bought one with my own money in March, and that's it. Membership for me right now is very very bleak. Most people who have membership never ever have known what it's like to be nm for 2 whole entire years and counting. Anyways I can't get it renewed My parents don't renew it for me.

  3. ps. I joined in 2011 to. But didn't get membership til 2013

    1. im really sorry about that, party, i just thought you coudl renew your membership, but now i know you cant
      :( i hope you could soon,and the reason i suggested renewignyour membership was cuz i felt bad about your post...
      and i neversaid being nm was bad... imjustsaying that sometimes members bully nms for well, being nm, and i dont want you gettign bullied :P imreally sorry about that and you can delete thatcomment if u want, but plz forgiev me because i raelly mean it,i am very sorry.
      -wolfhead73601, feelign bad about that post and now im madat myself...

  4. You really ticked party off, I can just tell.

  5. I feel your pain. I don't mean to brag also, but I joined in beta, where everyone was member. I wasn't CONSTANTLY on, but I was on. Then I went on for a long time, then on. The Jamaa became more popular, more things changing, more members thriving, turning into today. I had gotten my membership last July, but for the time before I was bullied and felt left out. But then I became rarer. er. And everyone respected me, but it felt wrong, because members sometimes only respect rare people. There are some members out there just like non members, confused, new, not as many buddies, mistreated. That's because they are not RARE. I know this is off topic from the post (I don't know how I got onto saying this, lol) but it seems more people get bullied by being "lame", or "unrare" than being nonmember.

    But, I feel your pain. I was member sooo long and my mom wouldn't let me become member ever. I'd show her pictures of astronaut helmets I remember, saying, "See! I want to become member just like Lily! (a friend)" And she'd say, "No, they're just pixels!"

    Sometimes grown ups don't understand..


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