Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Real Post!

     Hallo NMM's! So this is going to be my real post,as said in title. I was thinking about maybe a den trick? My den means a lot to me. ;3; Not emotionally but in status and style. So deep right? Well it is... :D  My den expresses me,my taste,and creativity. It expresses me because the thought I put into it and all the items in it. Some are betas,from holidays,friends,and etc! Now that's deep. (snaps fingers repetitively) You know,after a poem is read.. They snap.. I ruined it..
                   Off-topic but lets go to on-topic! :D :D :D
My trick is a little cute backyard! The white picket fences is just amazeballs! Said it cause I can! So here is the pic.~