Monday, December 2, 2013

A sob story

Hi NMMs, I have sad news to tell. Besides me falling down a slide today and making  a complete fool of myself, I have other tragic news. 

Those who have stuck with us for a while remember the beginning of this blog, we've gained and lost friends. Does anyone remember Gerbildog? What about Pinky? If you guys our out there, I really want to talk with you!  You're missed!!!!

             Now for of list of people I haven't seen in a long time:

                   Pink0020030 <-- I think that's it.

Guys if your out there in that big wide world, please comment letting us know your still there and with us!  You're a great bunch of friends! 

Partyanimalzz, Pupp1266, Lilyf123456, and Nafaria9  :)   


  1. Wolfgirlgo is my buddy and she continued blogging! She gets on occasionally. :3

    But yes, I miss all of those Jammers. :(

  2. Sorry!

    I had to quit my Cloudswift account because I had a bunch of buddies I didn't know in real life, and I was told by my parent that I can't add anybody I didn't really know in real life.. So I made a new account because I didn't want to upset my buddies and tell them that I had to erase them. I am so sorry!!

    Also I SWEAR I am not an imposter! I will send a Jam-a-Gram to Pupp1266 saying "Animal Jam Rocks!" with a pawprint stamp on it for proof.

    Mimabird (formerly Cloudswift)

    1. Ok, I sent the Jam-a-Gram and Pupp you replied back Animal Jam Rocks so you know its me.


    2. I hope you understand...



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