Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Who's Up For Hot Chocolate?

Who here likes hot chocolate? Mmm!

You can take a day off at a cafe with a teacup filled with warm chocolate by using the Cafe Window Trick!

Something like that. :P Now all AJHQ needs to do is invent WINDOWS! Clear, glass, NM windows.

Don't cha think?


  1. Cool! I'd use pillows instead of diner stools, though. I used to think that diner stools were lamps!

    Idea for the AJNM:
    You could make an offical non- member Jam A Gram language! For example, "Trading in my den!" could mean "Meet me in my den!" Just an idea... I think a lot of jammers would use it, though!

    1. Me and partyanimalzz have a system like that, but it's private :P We could try but it probably wouldn't catch on :(
      -pupp1266 (who is at the library and can't sign on)

    2. Oh... Cool! That's okay!
      ~really wants ice cream right now~

  2. i have an account for donating the username is Jammer780410 let me know when you want the things so i can donate! ^.^
    ~kiki51772 peace love spiders~

  3. Oh no my raccoon toperary is locked they can't relase an item NM then change it to member

    1. >:U
      I can't beleive AJ did that! Raccoon topiaries are amazing- they should be for NMs too!


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