Friday, November 15, 2013


The geese are heading south, and the air is getting colder! That's right, winter is on its way, and it's always fun to create snazzy winter outfits!

With the examples below, you're bound to stay cozy throughout the season!

The Bundle Up Blue

Winter's Violet Warrior Cat
If you love purple, this is the perfect outfit for Clanning!

Nature's Warmest
Gotta love it.

Migration of the Phoenix
If geese migrate, why can't phoenixes do it too?

I hope you found some of these ideas useful!

Here's a scientific tip when it comes to choosing your parka for the winter:

Nobody wants to be cold during the winter! In fact, here's a tip: don't wear light-colored clothing during the winter! Why? Well, the sun gives us heat while we are outside during the winter. The sun reflects off white and light coloring, and soaks in with black or dark coloring. If the sun soaks in with black, the black coat you wear during the winter will keep you warmer than a white colored coat.

If you haven't shopped for your winter coat yet, be sure to purchase a dark colored one to keep you warm throughout the season!

This long post is now over. Goodbye NMs!


  1. Cool! The pheonix is my favorite.

  2. Wait... Now it says the author of this post is Unknown, and your blog URLs are not found, but can be used for a new blog?

  3. its probably nafaria. She was a author of this blog. Don't know what happened to her. Even her blog doesn't show up. Yeah your right the URLs are not found and nothing else. If the profile gets fixed it could be used for a new blog. Something is wrong D:

    1. Yeah... Nafaria's blogger is really messed up... (Hope that isn't offensive to you Nafaria! ^.^) But I hope it works out eventually... ;( By the way, Num is right, the Phoenix is the best! ;D

  4. In South Carolina its totally not even fall yet.



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