Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sir Gilbert Costume

This is a cool Sir Gilbert outfit that anyone can use with a little pinch of gems!

All you need is a glove (any color) and a red blanket!


  1. Eel, I have a horrifying tale to tell:

    I was on earlier, just sitting in my den. I got a JAG from airlec13, saying she/he was hacked. I told her/him to come to my den, but she/he talked like she wan't the real airlec13. She/he must have hacked airlec13, changed her password, and completely took over her account. I foolishly sent the hacker a green pirate sword as a gift, but I realized that as soon as I sent it, airlec13 logged off.

    Now numnum13 is in danger of quitting, and since the hacker saw me, she/he might be thinking of hacking me, so now I'm paranoid the hacker might be after me next.

    We've gotta help 'em........ :,(

    1. Oh no. I was hacked recently but that's a different story. Maybe they are targeting the bloggers/commenters. This is not good..

    2. My theory is that the hacker is the same one that hacked you!

  2. That tip sucks! Non-members don't deserve to be dresses as an alpha! Alaphas are at the top, non members are at the bottom.


    1. Seriously? We are going to do this again? Has NOBODY learned their lesson?
      Nafaria, I would NEVER say this. Non members aren't at the bottom- I am one you IDIOT. I mean seriously why would I call myself at the bottom XP Some people..

    2. I don't like you, pupp1266 impostor... Plus, you are very rude. Please get off this blog forever. -.-' (not talking to the REAL pupp1266 ;))

    3. ugh i think there is more than one imposter i mean who admits that their an imposter and does it again?


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