Monday, November 25, 2013

New and IMPROVED donating

Hola NMMs!!   Pupp and I have created a new donating system,  we've been talking about it for few weeks now and finally it has come out to the public! 

Since pupp and I are both nms, we've decided to trade for the donations! So here's how it works, we host a donation day once every week. We go to a store's den (logged on as that account) and people line up to trade their donations to us. Then BAM the stores are filled!

I give total credit to pupp for this amazing idea. Very good at problem solving she is ^-^ and me... not so much :P

Anyways we are having one this week on Wednesday at 8:00 am. 
Details Below 

Please join us for our first Donation Day!! 
The donation contest will be back, and on for the rest of this November!


  1. Yay!! I just got membership; I'll donate!
    Tip: If you ever become a member, accesorize all of your hamsters and color all of your items so you feel awesome when you are NM again. This is my plan for life on Animal Jam. ;P

  2. Wait, 8:00 a.m what timezone or just animal jam time?

  3. Is it 8:00 animal jam time?

  4. 8 AM
    Animal jam time, just to clarify. ;) Thanks everyone who comes. You may also shop when you're there :D (non members)

    I hope you all have a really good time donating and shopping!


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