Friday, November 29, 2013

Fashion Show/Tip

Okay first... the amazing Victory45 made this for the blog:

I think I understand it but Victory if you're out there you should probably explain in the comments XP Click to enlarge.

Now for a little Holiday tip :D
This is made with items that probably will come out... I hope. Anyways- yeah. You could make it with any plushie really but red just matches.



  1. Lol! Yeah, I don't really understand the fashion show...

  2. I just reliazed this fashion show is stupid. We are not doing it. Showing nm in their boring nm clothes is stupid. So call of the fashion show.

    1. Oh, and this is pupp1266.

    2. *rolls eyes*
      Get over yourself. You aren't me... what makes you think people will believe you?? I'm just going to say it- YOU ARE A GUTLESS RAT!!!

    3. yea, and btw im in blogger now XD so, im gonna try to send a cool costume but i dont know how.

    4. oh and why is this imposter STILL doing the mean comments???

    5. Importers aren't fun. -.- You can give up on being Pupp, because Pupp would NEVER say that.

    6. Duh.
      Mr. Impostor, I thought I threw you to phantom infested waters AND threw PIES AT YOU!!! *THROWS ELEPHANT AT IMPOSTOR*

  3. I think it is the idea of setting up a fashion show, and the nonmember stores suppliying the items to wear, and you purchase cool items there or get your own, and dress up and screenshot yourself. Then you will choose winners?

    1. Yeah I think that's it...
      hmm. This'll be harder than I though.

  4. How do u take a screenshot?

    1. If you google it for your computer it's really simple. Here's how I do it: I press the prt sc button on my keyboard. Then you go into paint or something similar and do cntrl+v. Then you can crop what you want... if that makes sense XP

    2. is that for windows or mac? i use mac (laptop)
      Oh and do I have to send the pic to you or anybody else to be in the contest?

  5. Hey guys! Victory45 here! Sorry of the confusion! Here are the steps (which I tryed to make more clear):
    1. You dress up your animal as best as you can
    2. You take a screenshot
    3. You send the screenshot (by e-mail) to the blog's e-mail
    4. Partyanimalzz, Pupp1266, lilyf123456, & nafaria9 will judge to see who will win
    5. They post the winners on your blog
    And only 1 of each animal will win so, a seal, a wolf, a bunny, a panda ect. Hope this helped!


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